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Yet another paper regarding Human Brain Project

Very interesting paper entitled “The Human Brain Project Hasn’t Lived Up to Its Promise”. Really? Definitely feels like “déjà vu”. For how long people have to repeat the same over and over again? Still, it explains many things, especially for somebody who didn’t know…

Interactive Human Brain Atlas Viewer

High-resolution annotated cytoarchitectonic alas of human brain (Allen Institute for brain Science), 710 Nissl-stained sections. Maximal resolution ~ 0.95 micrometer/pixel. Sections can be downloaded online, as well as using API. Some sections show damage and ruptures due to cutting and mounting, as well as high staining variability.

Virtual Microscopy Human Brain Atlas

Collection of high-quality, high-resolution annotated Nissl-stained sections of human brain (104 sections). Maximal resolution ~ 0.65 micrometer/pixel. All sections are of exceptional quality, including very good consistency of staining intensity. Unfortunately there are relatively big gaps (1.5-2.0 mm) between sections. Created by Jürgen K. Mai, Thomas Voss (Heinrich-Heine Universität, Institut für Anatomie I, Düsseldorf, Germany) and G. Paxinos (School of Psychology, University of New South Wales, Kensington, New South Wales, Australia). Copyright © 1994-2019

Center for Mathematical Morphology

Internet site of the Center for Mathematical Morphology (Fontenaibleau, France).

Collection of Mathematical Morphology lectures by Jean Serra

Exceptionally valuable collection of lectures, in English, French and Spanish, where almost all aspects of MM are discussed in a short yet quite comprehensive format, with many examples, explanation of classical and new algorithms. All chapters are available for download as PDF files.

Personal Site of Jean Serra

Professor Jean Serra – founder of Mathematical Morphology (together with Georges Matheron), and former Director of the Center for Mathematical Morphology in Fontenaibleau (France).

Image Processing Library “MAMBA-Image” (CMM, Serge and Nicolas Beucher)

Mamba-Image is the most comprehensive open-source Mathematical Morphology library written in C and Python. Developed and maintained by Serge and Nicolas Beucher. Latest release – v. 2.0.2, December, 2017. The library is exceptionally well-documented; the site also includes numerous code examples for beginners as well as many publication references for advanced users.

Efference Copy (Charlie Hass, Duke University)

Very interesting and helpful neuroanatomy & microscopy site, with many code examples and comprehensive explanation of image processing algorithms.

For Better Science (Leonid Schneider)

Dramatic and hilarious at the same time, this site is dedicated to problems of quality and integrity of scientific research in medicine and biology. Created by molecular biologist, investigative journalist and cartoonist Leonid Schneider.

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