The story of MCG: lost opportunity.

Fig. 14.

6. Application for analysis of architectural changes of human cortex in schizophrenia

In our preliminary study conducted between 1992 and 1994, statistically significant differences were demonstrated between normal control group and schizophrenia patients group, even though group size was small (3 and 4 cases respectively). That could be explained by big volume of scanned tissue in each case,  between 30 and 50 mm.sq.

Below is a brief report of major results.

Fig. 15. Profile comparison for CB- and PV-immunoreactive neuronal populations.

Fig. 16. P-values of the differences between normal control and schizophrenia patients can used to to determine depth zone of the cortical profile with statistically significant neuronal deficit.

Fig. 17. As above, the same approach was used to determine zones of abnormal density of specific immunoreactive neuronal sub-populations. Clearly, relative depth of these zones match first three zones in Fig. 16 above.

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  1. Thank you for paying tribute and preserving memory of yhe people who evidently have contributed so much for the scientific development!
    At the place and time where every substantial and good deed must have been done contrary to the prevailing standard, those scientists and truly gifted administratirs had the strength and dedication to carry out their vision! The following generations of the medical practitioners and researchers will carry on!

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